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id ▼ outage snapshot cluster currentEtor estCustAffected latitude longitude comments cause crewCurrentStatus source
1575790236:19151280 19151280 19151280 2019-12-08 02:30:36-05:00 29 0   4 38.08853 -84.49137 The previous estimated time of restoration has expired and we are re-evaluating the situation. A revised estimate will be provided as soon as possible. 1 Scheduled maintenance 1   https://kubra.io/data/637cee3c-7a26-4cd0-b52c-03ffa58ebf5f/public/cluster-3/032000.json
1575790236:19151414 19151414 19151414 2019-12-08 02:30:36-05:00 29 0   4 38.65913 -83.77776 This estimated time of restoration is based on historical averages of the time required to make similar repairs in this area. We will update the estimate as more information becomes available. Please check back for updates. 2 Working to determine cause 2   https://kubra.io/data/637cee3c-7a26-4cd0-b52c-03ffa58ebf5f/public/cluster-3/032001.json

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CREATE TABLE [outage_snapshots] (
   [outage] INTEGER REFERENCES [outages]([id]),
   [snapshot] INTEGER REFERENCES [snapshots]([id]),
   [cluster] INTEGER,
   [currentEtor] INTEGER,
   [estCustAffected] INTEGER,
   [latitude] TEXT,
   [longitude] TEXT,
   [comments] INTEGER REFERENCES [comments]([id]),
   [cause] INTEGER REFERENCES [cause]([id]),
   [crewCurrentStatus] INTEGER REFERENCES [crewCurrentStatus]([id]),
   [source] TEXT