1 row where outage = 19151647

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id ▼ outage snapshot cluster currentEtor estCustAffected latitude longitude comments cause crewCurrentStatus source
1575913566:19151647 19151647 19151647 2019-12-09 12:46:06-05:00 148 0   4 36.99018 -82.64845 We are aware of outages in this area and will provide an estimated time of restoration as soon as possible. 4 Working to determine cause 2   https://kubra.io/data/e9a4a040-f61c-4bdc-8eb1-17a226db69d2/public/cluster-3/03200123203112.json

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CREATE TABLE [outage_snapshots] (
   [outage] INTEGER REFERENCES [outages]([id]),
   [snapshot] INTEGER REFERENCES [snapshots]([id]),
   [cluster] INTEGER,
   [currentEtor] INTEGER,
   [estCustAffected] INTEGER,
   [latitude] TEXT,
   [longitude] TEXT,
   [comments] INTEGER REFERENCES [comments]([id]),
   [cause] INTEGER REFERENCES [cause]([id]),
   [crewCurrentStatus] INTEGER REFERENCES [crewCurrentStatus]([id]),
   [source] TEXT