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id latitude longitude outage estCustAffected cluster cause crewCurrentStatus comments outage_url currentEtor
1582869677:20017082 38.11895 -85.67736 20017082 14 0 Motor vehicle accident   The above estimated time of restoration is based on an evaluation of the situation by our technicians.  

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CREATE VIEW most_recent_snapshot as
select, latitude, longitude, outage, estCustAffected, cluster, as cause, as crewCurrentStatus, as comments,
    '' || outage as outage_url, currentEtor
from outage_snapshots
    left join cause on outage_snapshots.cause =
    left join comments on outage_snapshots.comments =
    left join crewCurrentStatus on outage_snapshots.crewCurrentStatus =
    snapshot in (select id from snapshots order by id desc limit 1);
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