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id latitude longitude outage estCustAffected cluster cause crewCurrentStatus comments outage_url currentEtor
1631966753:21100807 38.22354 -85.56913 21100807 4 0 Working to determine cause   This estimated time of restoration is based on historical averages of the time required to make similar repairs in this area. We will update the estimate as more information becomes available. Please check back for updates. https://lgeku-outages.herokuapp.com/outages/outages/21100807  
1631966753:21100507 38.20415 -85.55332 21100507 4 0 Scheduled maintenance   The above estimated time of restoration is based on an evaluation of the situation by our technicians. https://lgeku-outages.herokuapp.com/outages/outages/21100507  

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CREATE VIEW most_recent_snapshot as
    outage_snapshots.id, latitude, longitude, outage, estCustAffected, cluster,
    cause.name as cause, crewCurrentStatus.name as crewCurrentStatus, comments.name as comments,
    'https://lgeku-outages.herokuapp.com/outages/outages/' || outage as outage_url, currentEtor
from outage_snapshots
    left join cause on outage_snapshots.cause = cause.id
    left join comments on outage_snapshots.comments = comments.id
    left join crewCurrentStatus on outage_snapshots.crewCurrentStatus = crewCurrentStatus.id
    snapshot in (select id from snapshots order by id desc limit 1);